San Diego Corporate Living Application


Welcome! This website is designed for those who are considering to live in church-arranged Corporate Living in San Diego. Be sure to read through this entire page and the guidelines to see if this is the environment in which you would like to live. If you feel that Corporate Living is not for you at this time, there are other housing alternatives, including off-campus apartments and on-campus dorms. Please contact us at for more information. Regardless of where you live, we will do all we can to care for you spiritually and humanly. We want to do our best to cooperate with the Lord to render an all-inclusive tender care to all the students.


Please read and fill out this application completely. Answer each question honestly and carefully. As the applicant, it is your responsibility to make sure that each part is completed by the respective party; please direct your parents (If neither parent is in the church life, skip Part II) and elder/serving one to this site so that they can read through it before responding to their part of the application. To maintain confidentiality, each part should be completed only by the person(s) requested as follows:

Completed only by the applicant

Completed only by parents/guardians (If neither parent is in the church life, skip Part 2)

Completed only by an elder/serving one in your locality

Important Dates:

General Applicants:
May 1 – Begin Accepting Applications
June 15 – Returning students & Freshmen applications due date
June 15 – Incoming transfer students applications due date

*Spaces are limited. Applications will be considered in order received.

All Applicants:
September 1 – Rent due
September 20 (subject to change) – Move-in day
September 25 – Corporate living meeting

If you have further questions, please email us at: