San Diego Corporate Living Guidelines

In order to live in Corporate Living, you will need to follow the guidelines below:

Healthy Practices for the Enjoyment of Christ:

  • Morning revival with your housemates at least once a week.
  • A time of prayer and fellowship with your housemates once a week.
  • Attend at least two meetings of the church in San Diego per week. These may include the prayer meeting, college meeting, the Lord’s Table, and the home gatherings. These do not include the weekly house time of prayer and fellowship.
  • Make the church in San Diego your primary place of meeting and fellowship by attending at least two Lord’s Day church meetings in San Diego each month.

Household Responsibilities:

  • Cleanliness – Keep your own living quarters clean and tidy. Establish a cleaning schedule with your housemates and keep it.
  • Noise/Lights – Be aware of your roommate(s) and neighbors by avoiding loud noise such as talking, music, etc., and lights that could affect your roommate’s sleep.
  • Curfew – If you are going to be out late (i.e. after midnight), let your housemates know where you are and give them an expected time of return.
  • Expenses – You are to fulfill your commitment to your rental agreement for 12 months. You must pay the full amount of rent by the due date. There are no exceptions. If you plan to study abroad or leave before your lease is up, then you are still responsible to pay for your portion of rent, even if you leave for the summer.

Healthy Regulations to Preserve the Atmosphere of Corporate Living:

  • No television shows or movies are to be watched in the home. This includes media obtained from the internet.
  • Video games will not be allowed in the home.
  • Do not listen to inappropriate or loud music in the home. Use headphones if music interferes with your housemates.
  • No substance abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.
  • No internet use after 1:00am unless it is related directly to your studies or work. Do not engage in inappropriate internet sites that are defiling to yourself or others in the house. These include pornography, inappropriate pictures, chat rooms, blogs, etc.
  • No guns or weapons are allowed in the home.
  • No members of the opposite gender are allowed in the home without the proper covering (i.e. a married couple, married brother, or married sister present).
  • Please do not engage in any particular relationship with the opposite gender during your stay in Corporate Living. If this matter becomes a concern with you, seek fellowship with some responsible brothers in San Diego.